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23/05/2011 / melgardener

Where did my brain go?

Subtitle: And is it ever coming back?

Everyone seems to know about “baby brain” – that pregnancy phenomenon, probably caused by hormones, that sees us all a bit scatty, a bit forgetful and a bit off our game. I will confess to a certain amount of “baby brain” while I was pregnant – some days were fine but on others you’d swear I’d left most of my brain cells at home.

A certain amount of “baby brain” stays with you once you’ve given birth. Probably (certainly) has to do with lack of sleep and hormones gone wild (no, not in a good way).

But what happens if your normal brain function never comes back? With my kids aged 4 and 8, I should well and truly be passed the “baby brain” stage so why do I still have days when I do the stupidest things?

Partially, I believe, there is an information overload problem. Before kids, I kept information in my head about work, home, friends and family, meals, shopping and socialising.

I now keep track of:

  • Work (when can I get it done, how can I keep the children quiet while I’m getting work done, how late at night can I get away with sending emails requiring urgent answers?)
  • Home (including managing the toys that magically multiply overnight, the “special” craft items which all must be kept for eternity, the bills – not just boring things like electricity but also activity fees, school excursion fees, book club fees and the rest)
  • Friends (and their kids, and their birthdays)
  • Family (and our nieces and nephews, and their birthdays)
  • Meals (including planning for fussy eaters, snacks, treats, bribery, lunch box items and stress-induced chocolate binges)
  • Clothing (including twice-yearly wardrobe swaps as my children go up a size, what to do with the size that no longer fits, is there a clean school uniform for today, do we have a hat and jumper in the bag etc…)
  • Shopping (birthday presents, birthday cards, craft paper, school supplies, school shoes, books, casual shoes, socks [where do they all go?], hair elastics….oh! And FOOD)
  • Socialising (which birthday party is on when, do we have a present, how are they getting there, which play date is on when, which afternoons are taken up with activities, what are their friends’ names, what are their friends’ parents’ names, do I have a social life; if so, where did it go?)
  • Plus…homework, projects, assignments, eisteddfods, log-in names and passwords (mine and kids), school presentation days, school carnivals and more…

Is it any wonder my brain no longer works?

What information do you keep in your brain? Are you close to maximum capacity or do you have plenty of space left?


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