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13/06/2011 / melgardener

Two children….going cheap

It’s been a very looooooooog, wet Long Weekend in Sydney. Two adults, plus assorted children, stuck inside for the better part of three days does  not tranquillity make. We’ve done our best to ensure a balance of activities so that we are not simply watching TV all day, but it’s hard when you’re looking down the barrel of your 17th game of snap in a row. It would take a better mum than I to maintain my interest in looking for matching pairs under these conditions.

For the most part, I love my children dearly. After all, one of my main goals in working freelance this year was to be more available and have more time as a family. But there are days when I’d happily sell them on eBay (with free delivery).

  • The days where the sibling squabbles threaten to implode my already aching head.
  • The days where the whining, moaning and whinging jangle on my sensitive nerve endings like live electrical wires.
  • The days when the mess seems never ending – they can make it  faster than I can clean it up (and where on earth did all those toys come
  • The days when I wash and fold approximately 1 billion loads of washing – trying to sort out which pair of socks belongs to which child is my ‘Everest’ task – then they destroy my carefully-made piles before I can put everything away.
  • The days when nothing I cook is acceptable – meals that were happily consumed last month have somehow morphed into “ewwwww” food.
  • The days when it is close to freezing (oh, alright, maybe 18 degrees) and they insist on wearing spaghetti straps with shorts and bare feet.
  • The days when “I’m bored” becomes the phrase de jour yet the housefull of toys is somehow missing from their field of vision.

Then, just when I think I can’t take it anymore, one of them will sidle up to me and slip a small, warm hand into mine, then whisper “Mum, I love you” in my ear. When followed up with a sloppy kiss on the cheek, my heart melts and I tuck the recipient into a snuggly cuddle.

All is forgiven, until I hear from the other room “Muuuuuuuuum, I’m bored!”.

What did you do with yourself and your family this long weekend? Was it wet or warm where you are?



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  1. Chris Gregory / Jun 14 2011 1:58 am

    Ok. So some of the benefits of living in Singapore and having a live in helper are highlighted here. Still doesn’t mean I don’t have to deal with some issues, but I wouldn’t have a clue how people deal with all this stuff in the “real world”. In fact how does a single mother with 4 kids deal with this stuff?

    Sibling squabbles – Not yet, but I anticipate soon.
    Whining, moaning and whining – CHECK.
    **SKIP** Mess?. Yes, of course there are a lot of toys and a whirlwind of Tasmanian devil proportions leaving destruction in its wake.
    **SKIP**Washing and Ironing. thank god. although you can get sick or ironed underpants and socks…
    **SKIP**Cooking. Well maybe not a skip, but at least I only have to “celebrity” cook. Come in once a week, whip up a special dish and spend the next week baking in my awesomeness.
    Insist on wearing spaghetti straps with shorts and bare feet. CHECK. Well, If I never see another Dora shirt I will be happy.

    What did you do with yourself and your family this long weekend? Was it wet or warm where you are?
    Warm AND wet. its ALWAYS warm and wet. At least we can swim all year round.
    In fact the pool gets the biggest workout out of all the child entertainment objects.


    • melgardener / Jun 14 2011 11:05 am

      I’m jealous now….how can you get sick of ironed undies and socks?????

      I once ironed a pair of my pjs and felt truly indulgent.

  2. Simon / Jun 14 2011 7:16 am

    The one comment you missed on your list was:- The days when I wish they were 21 and 15!!! – believe me it gets better darling!!

    • melgardener / Jun 14 2011 11:06 am

      I wish away their childhood all the time!! How early are you allowed to kick them out of home these days?

  3. Laney / Jul 12 2011 3:26 am

    lool! that is a cool idea! 🙂

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