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23/07/2011 / melgardener

Shoes* …a Female Perspective

So, the plan goes something like this:

  1. Have an hour or so to kill at the shops.
  2. Be in need of nothing in particular.
  3. Wander.
  4. Find gorgeous, yet impractical, shoes.
  5. Immediately reverse previously-held position on “love at first sight”.
  6. Dither.
  7. Reason that you have nothing to lose by trying them on. It’s not as if you are seriously thinking of buying them (of course you are).
  8. Dither.
  9. Resolve to ring good friend and ask her to talk you out of the purchase.
  10. Consider which friend to ring (this, I hasten to add, is the crux of the plan).
  11. Ring friend and explain dilemma.
  12. Hang up, take shoes to counter and hand over credit card.
  13. Return home with purchase.
  14. When asked “what did you buy those for?” answer, with innocent face, “But I tried to get [insert friend’s name] to talk me out of it”.

This plan works even better if there is a sale involved, as you can then add the justification, “But I saved [insert dollar amount here]”.

Note: under no circumstances do you discuss the actual purchase price. The emphasis is on the saving.

The success of the plan, as you may have guessed, rests heavily on your choice of friend. If you really do want to be talked out of the purchase, you need a sensible friend. If, on the other hand, (as is mostly the case with me) you wish to actually be talked into the purchase, under the guise of being talked out of the purchase, you need to choose a friend with a like-minded attitude towards this sort of item.

It also helps to choose a friend who knows you well enough to be able to read between the lines and decipher your true intention without you having to disclose your secret. This allows you to maintain your innocent façade once home.

* This plan can also be used for handbags, jewellery or any other item that fits the bill.

Have you made any indulgent purchases lately? Do you have a strategy you employ when doing so? Share…


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