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08/09/2011 / melgardener

I am seasonally adjusted

Although I’m not known for my love of change, I do have a special place in my heart for the change of seasons. The move from one to the next always seems to encompass the possibility of opportunity – even when it’s Autumn turning to Winter (well known as not my favourite season).

Spring, for me, is a season of colour. It seems the world is crazy with blooming bursts of colour that spring forth to welcome the new season. I think we also tend to avoid bright colours during Winter so it’s always lovely to see people pulling out the reds, pinks, yellows, oranges, blues and greens after a black/grey Winter wardrobe. Spring scents ignite our imagination and herald the arrival of Summer. We go nuts for those first warm days and the opportunity to indulge in short sleeves for a change.

Summer will always be my favourite season of all. And not only because of Christmas and holidays but because I love the warmth that Summer brings. Long, bright days with their bluer-than-blue skies and gleaming yellow sun. Summer, for me, is captured in the senses – particularly smell. The aroma of a barbecue, freshly-mown grass, chlorine at the swimming pool, sand and salt at the beach, rain after a boiling hot Summer’s day – all have the ability to awaken the childish delight I take in these quintessential Summer elements.

Autumn is the season of calm. In my mind, I always associate Autumn with getting back to reality. As we say goodbye to Summer, I welcome the cooler weather that Autumn brings and the delight of the gorgeous vista in the changing of the leaves. The kids have usually been back at school for about a month when Autumn arrives, so it’s around this time that I take stock. I don’t tend to Spring clean, as I know many others do. I more often find myself doing an emotional and physical stock take around the time Autumn comes.

Winter…well, what can I say about Winter? Yes, I hate the cold – I never feel warm enough. Yes, I hate rugging up and feeling like the Michelin Man. Yes, it’s harder to go out – we tend to hibernate, rather than socialise, during Winter. Winter is when I feel Seasonal Adjustment Disorder
the most. Even I can admit to the illogicality of allowing the weather to predict my mood but the short Winter days, grey skies, rain and wind all collude to make me long for the herald of Spring.

Do you have a favourite season? Which one and why?


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