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22/09/2011 / melgardener

3pm? I hate you!

Okay, hate is probably too strong a word – how’s loathe or detest or dread? And here’s why: lately I’ve been trying to watch what I eat. No, I won’t go so far as to actually use the ‘D’ word and claim to be on a diet (mainly because that would certainly indicate a far higher level of commitment than I am actually prepared to make at this time).

But I’ve been harping at the children for long enough about making healthy eating choices in their life so I figure one of these days I have to start walking the walk as well as talking the talk.

So I’m exercising. And I’m trying very hard to eat well when I can.

I start my day with a healthy breakfast – I’ve recently taken to having some protein at breakfast on the advice of a friend and I am actually finding it’s pretty great at filling me up until lunchtime. I don’t get too peckish at morning tea anymore which is a nice change.

These days I’m actually looking forward to lunch. Now that the warmer weather (well, some of it) has arrived it feels more normal to have a salad-based lunch so I’m cramming a bowl full of various leaves and some fabulous fresh veggies – I love crunchy veg.

All looking pretty good so far, right?


It all falls apart when 3pm hits.

It starts around 2.30 when I suddenly get hit with a sugar craving. I try to tell it to go away but Naughty Melanie (you know, the one with horns) pops up in my subconscious and says:

“But you’ve been soooooooo good”.

Then I start to think about what I’ve eaten and what exercise I’ve done. And I start to nod my head.

“Yes,” I say. “I have been good”.

Naughty Melanie then ramps up the temptation by whispering: “And good girls deserve a treat, don’t they?”

My self-control – which, at the best of times, is akin to a two year old’s – completely crumbles at this point and I usually end up ransacking the fridge and/or pantry (*sigh* I’ll even confess to scrounging around in the children’s party bags) in search of a sugary – usually chocolate – treat.

Only I don’t just stop at a small piece of chocolate or one lolly – it’s like I’ve decided to completely negate all my hard work earlier in the day by eating every sweet item we possess.

So, instead of hating myself, I’ve decided to hate 3pm instead (it’s easier)…And if you are wondering why this post is so snarky – well, look at the time!



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  1. Mum / Sep 26 2011 11:15 am

    Sorry to say these cravings are genetic – all you can do is manage them. Of course this wouldn’t have happened when you were in the office, it’s just because you’re at home and within reach of all these goodies. You might try the advice in the current TV campaign, where you don’t try to have none, but halve the amount you want to have. Of course you then have to be strong and not go back for the other half! I have tried not buying chocolate (for a while) but find myself, around 8pm (my craving time) searching for cooking chocolate – that’s really sad!
    Your Mumxx

    • melgardener / Sep 26 2011 2:37 pm

      This is great! If it’s genetic then I can blame you 🙂

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