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18/10/2011 / melgardener

Things I know

Actually, I’m going to rename this post “Things I Should Know” because I can’t believe at the ripe old age of 41 I haven’t quite got a handle on them yet:

How to change a tyre on my car: I used to know this. I used to be very competent at this task. Ever since I learnt to drive, my parents insisted that I know how to change a tyre. But, unfortunately, it’s been so long since I’ve actually had to do it, I’m not sure if I still could remember how.

Geography: Next to maths, easily my worst subject at school. Of course, I know the basics of where all the continents are but the specifics of which country actually borders another? Not so much.

How to cook rice via the absorption method: yep, despite many helpful suggestions I’m still not there yet.

The use of lentils: I’d love to introduce more pulses into our diet but I’ve never cooked them before and I’m a bit unsure of how to get started. Recipe suggestions gratefully accepted.

Where all the toys came from: They seem to be breeding – I am finding them under beds, in cupboards, in the laundry basket, under the dining table, in my handbag and strewn throughout the car.

How to speak “8-year-old”: I can’t quite get the ‘tude right, I definitely don’t have the inflection right, I don’t say “like” often enough in each sentence, I can’t master the eye-roll and most of the time I’m clueless as to the actual topic of conversation.

How to speak “4-year-old”: What’s real and what’s made up are converging in such a way that I simply have to accept all statements until they can be verified by an alternative source. It’s a wonderful example of the freedom of imagination but I’m finding it exhausting to keep track of all the different stories.

How to keep plants alive: Sorry Mum. Your green thumb has obviously skipped a generation.

How many days until Christmas: Actually, cancel that. I’d rather live in denial.

What do you know (or wish you knew)?  Today I’m linking up with Shae at “Yay for Home” for “Things I know”.


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