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16/11/2011 / melgardener


Is there anything more painful than the earnest warbling of a child? Actually, yes, there is: the earnest warbling of a child at full volume singing Christmas Carols.

For the last few days I have been screeched at serenaded from the back of the car, in the bath, in the shower, while getting dressed in the morning, while eating breakfast and dinner and during bedtime stories. My almost-5 year old is preparing for her last Daycare Christmas Party and has taken, very seriously, the teacher’s suggestion to practice at home.

I am quite sure ‘practice at home’ is Daycare teacher speak for “let’s share some of the pain with the parents as we can’t take any more”.

Instead of listening to the radio or a CD, I am now accompanied on my drives by renditions of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, “Jingle Bells” (The Australian version), “We wish you a Merry Christmas” and various other Christmas classics on agonising, monotonous repeat.

Now, I am no Scrooge – I love Christmas as much as the next person and I certainly understand and appreciate the excitement for children at this time of year. After all, we are bombarded with Christmas messages no matter where we turn. We’ve been seeing Christmas decorations in the shops since September, every shopping centre is playing some version of Christmas songs, Christmas advertising is everywhere and now Santa has arrived I have thrown up my hands in surrender.

Every year I say the same thing about Christmas – “Next year I’ll be more organised” – and every year I look at a looming December with a heavy heart as I realise I have fallen behind. Again.

To be fair, I actually think the “Christmas Creep” – no, not slimy Uncle Frank!  I mean how it feels like the Christmas ‘push’ starts earlier every year – is the reason I find it so hard to get motivated. I visit the shops one day, in all innocence, only to discover that someone decided I needed to be reminded about Christmas. I console myself with the fact that it’s only September and Christmas is many, many months away. So I can conveniently file it in my ‘to do later’ list.

Then we hit October – nope, still too early. We’ve only just dropped under triple figures of days left until Christmas so it feels as though I have plenty of time.

All of a sudden it’s November and I start getting nervous but console myself that December is a whole month away and, anyway, Christmas is at the end of the month (it’s not really). Except, now it’s mid-November and the stupid advertising is informing me that we have only 38 days until Christmas.

How did this happen? Again!

Never mind. Next year I’ll be more organised.

How do you manage Christmas? Is it a rush or a relaxing time for you?



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  1. Grandma and Grandpa / Nov 17 2011 8:11 am

    I am shocked at this negative response to what should be a beautiful experience! Think of the deprved grandparents who have no one to sing to them at this time, and who thus fail to “get in the mood” for the Christmas season. Shame! Shame!

    • melgardener / Nov 17 2011 8:48 am

      I shall record it for you and send you a CD – then you can listen to it all you like!!

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